Jacqueline’s Garden

Jacqueline van der Kloet’s personal garden gives her great satisfaction and enjoyment. It also serves as a design incubator that informs her work.

In her garden, Jacqueline studies the synergy between practical details and instinctive experiences. She experiments with plant and color combinations in different conditions and stays attuned to changes through the seasons.

In order to appreciate her design philosophy and methods, we will be sharing short videos she made for us about her private ‘test’ garden. She guides us through the varied atmospheres, points out design intents and how she realized them, and shares techniques she uses in this personal space. This series will not only interest the avid gardener but will give any garden visitor insight into this garden designer’s intentions and methods. These videos also work as a companion to her new book “A Year in My Garden.”

Jacqueline van der Kloet’s Home Garden
Spanish Bluebells
Shady Border
Container Design
Red Tulip Border
“Ajax” Border