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Lurie Garden is a beautiful urban garden designed to invite community members and visitors to experience, enjoy, and learn about nature. The garden is maintained in an ecological-friendly manner in order to provide the maximum benefit to wildlife and act as a model of green space management. Lurie Garden is located in the southeast corner of Millennium Park.


Lurie Garden Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet is a quick reference that includes highlights regarding our history, design, sustainability, statistics, and much more.

Lurie Garden Fact Sheet


Lurie Garden News

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Lurie Garden hooks-up papermakers with plants

Lurie Garden’s mow-down will be proceeded by the collection of plant material for Columbia College Chicago’s paper-making explorations. At the beginning of March Lurie Garden plants that have been standing all winter are cut down to make way for spring. This cut-down...

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Lurie Garden decreases cut-back to gain vital insect habitat

The mowing down of the garden in spring has always been straightforward - a crew would ride their mulching mowers around the garden making a clean palette for the anticipated crocus and tulips. Lurie Garden strives to grow in its ecological benefit while maintaining...

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Shannon Nichol Lecture: Ordinary Landmarks

Landscape Architect for Lurie Garden returns to Chicago to discuss the pressures to “go big” in design vs retaining complexity, idiosyncrasy, and natural nuance in a designed landscape. Landscape architecture has not been immune to the pressures in recent decades to...

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Photos of Lurie Garden at different times of the year, some of its wildlife, events, and logo can be found at the link below.
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