Industry Supporters

Lurie Garden benefits from a strong and collaborative relationship with its landscape architects and organizations in the horticulture and gardening industries.

Through a combination of sponsorship and donation, the industry organizations listed here help support the garden’s education programs and horticulture operations. These organizations have generously given time, effort, and materials in providing plants, equipment, and expert programs instructors. All of these organizations help make Lurie Garden a place of beauty and learning.

We have a special relationship with Lurie Garden’s Landscape Architecture Firm, GGN (Gustafson Guthrie Nichol). They visit us often, always interested in how the site has evolved and is moving into the future. They support our GGN Public Garden Apprentice. The aim of this seasonal position is to provide the garden with garden maintenance support while providing an oportunity to learn about public gardens. Learn more about this position here: