Below are some answers to the frequently asked questions we get during the year that you may find helpful.

Topics include speaking engagements, tours, photography, open positions, private events, proposing in the garden, and others…

Can someone from the garden speak at my conference or garden club?

Yes, we are available to provide presentations on a variety of topics.
Please email the date, time, and location of your event to info@luriegarden.org.

How can I become a volunteer at the garden?

Lurie Garden has a robust and popular volunteer group. We fill any volunteer vacancies early each year on a first come, first serve basis. Because much of what our awesome volunteers do takes a great deal of training, we do not have ‘one-off’ volunteer opportunities available. Volunteers are expected to fulfill a minimum of 20 hours during the calendar year.

Can you give a private tour to a visiting group?

We can accommodate private tours, but our schedule fills up quickly during the main growing season. Please email the size of your group, affiliation, and date requested to info@luriegarden.org. We will work to respond to our availability within two working days.

I’m thinking about proposing in the garden, when is the best time of the year to do this?

The best time of year for proposals in the garden depends on your loved ones’ favorite season and aesthetic! We suggest looking through our Instagram for ideas for the ideal time for you. As for settings, we often suggest people to think about using the benches that are tucked away along the Shoulder Hedge in the Light Plate and along the east walkway in the Dark Plate. Keep in mind it can be very busy on the weekends/lunchtime during the week and you cannot block off paths to the public at any time. Good Luck!

Do you allow photography/videography in the garden?

We are so glad the garden inspires you to take photos here! We do not require permits for personal photography/video shoots; however, please contact info@luriegarden.org for commercial and larger personal shoots. There are rules that you need to abide by when shooting in the garden:

  • You may never step into the garden beds, no matter the time of year.
  • You may not stand on the stone walls
  • You may not block any walkway or ask visitors not to use the walkways

Anyone not abiding by these restrictions will be asked to leave immediately by the security team.

Do you allow drones?

Drones are not allowed anywhere in Millennium Park, including Lurie Garden, without a permit. Additionally, per city ordinance, drones are not permitted to fly when visitors are present. Contact info@luriegarden.org to inquire about obtaining a permit to fly a drone in the park.

Do you allow private events to be held in the garden?

We do not allow private events in Lurie Garden. If you are looking to rent a space for a private event in Millennium Park you can find some options here.

My dog loves gardens, can I bring him/her to the garden with me?

Dogs are not allowed in Millennium Park including Lurie Garden with the exception of service animals.

What kind of planting style is Lurie Garden?

The perennial beds were designed by Piet Oudolf as part of the New Perennial Style movement of garden design. This style is also referred to as a ‘naturalistic planting’.

Where can I find your plant list?

Our website has information on the plants we have in the garden under the Plant Life section.

Can I get a copy of the perennial plan for my research project?

Please email info@luriegarden.org for a PDF of the perennial plant plan.

Do you allow sponsored posts?

We do not put sponsored posts or advertorials on our website.

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