Siberian fritillary

Fritillaria pallidiflora or the Siberian fritillary. This member of the Liliaceae is in fact not native to Siberia, as its common name may imply; but in fact native to Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan in west-central Asia.

Growing to a height of 18-24 inches, F. pallidiflora produces creamy-yellow to yellow-green bell-shaped flowers that are presented in a pendulate fashion at the terminus of the stem. Steel-green colored leaves lay flat as they extend from the primary stem and are found along the length of the stem. Plants grow well in full-sun to partial shade and grow in rich-to-rocky soils.

Botanical Name Fritillaria pallidiflora
Common Name Siberian fritillary
Family Liliaceae
USDA Zone 4 thru 9
Light Requirement Full Sun to Part Shade
Season(s) of interest spring, summer
Height and Spread 1-2ft x 0.5ft (30-60cm x 15cm)
Flower Color White, Yellow
Attracts Wildlife Attracts Pollinators, Rarely Browsed by Mammalian Herbivores
Additional Information Not Native to the US Midwest. Native range: N.W. China, East Siberia
Location in Lurie Garden Southeast Dark Plate, North Dark Plate, East Dark Plate

Average Flowering Time