masterwort ‘Roma’

Astrantia major “Roma” (Masterwort ‘Roma’) has delicate pink flowers that are perched atop thin stems, grouped together into a domed shape. Blooming in late spring and early summer, A. major ‘Roma’ prefers full sun to partial shade.

It reaches heights between 18 and 24 inches, tolerates a wide range of soils, and is resistant to mammalian herbivory. Deadheading these flowers can help prolong the flowering period and prevent the plant from seeding.

Botanical Name Astrantia major ‘Roma’
Common Name masterwort ‘Roma’
Family Apiaceae
USDA Zone 4 thru 7
Light Requirement Part Shade
Season(s) of interest spring, summer, fall
Height and Spread 1.5-2ft x 1-1.5ft (45-60cm x 30-45cm)
Flower Color Red to Silver-Pink
Attracts Wildlife
Additional Information Not Native to the US Midwest. Species is native to wet areas in Europe and Western Asia
Location in Lurie Garden Southwest Dark Plate, East Dark Platespring, summer, fall


Average Flowering Time