great blue lobelia

Great blue lobelia will add height to any garden while also attracting pollinators. 

Lobelia siphilitica (great blue lobelia), native to eastern and central Canada and United States, typically grow in moist to wet locations along streams, sloughs, spring, swamps, meadows, and in low wooded areas. It features light to dark blue, tubular 2-lipped flower with the three lobes of lower lip appearing more prominent than the two lobes of the upper lip. The nectar and pollen of the flowers attract primarily hummingbirds, bumblebees and other long-tongued bees.

The species name of siphilitica arose from a prior medicinal use of the plant in the treatment of venereal diseases.

Botanical Name Lobelia siphilitica
Common Name great blue lobelia
Family Campanulaceae
USDA Zone 4 thru 9
Light Requirement Full Sun to Part Shade
Season(s) of interest summer, fall, winter
Height and Spread 2-3ft x 1-1.5ft (60-90cm x 30-45cm)
Flower Color Blue
Attracts Wildlife Hosts Caterpillars of Butterflies/Moths, Attracts Pollinators, Rarely Browsed by Mammalian Herbivores
Additional Information Native to Chicago Region.
Location in Lurie Garden North Dark Plate, East Dark Plate​


Average Flowering Time