cockspur hawthorne

Crataegus crus-galli var. inermis (cockspur hawthorn) is a thornless variety within the Crataegus genus that can be a shrub or a tree. It is native to eastern North America and produces flowers and small red berries which used by pollinators and birds.

C. crus-galli var. inermis is tolerant of a range of both light and soil conditions. The leaves turn a lovely shade of red in the fall.

Botanical Name Crataegus crus-galli var. inermis
Common Name cockspur hawthorn
Family Rosaceae
USDA Zone 3 thru 7
Light Requirement Full Sun
Season(s) of interest all seasons
Height and Spread 25-35ft x 25-35ft (7.5-10.5m-7.5-10.5m)
Flower Color White
Attracts Wildlife Provides Food for Birds, Hosts Caterpillars of Butterflies/Moths, Attracts Pollinators,
Additional Information Native to Chicago Region.
Location in Lurie Garden North Dark Plate, Southwest Dark Plate, East Meadow​