black garlic

Allium nigrum is a distinctive and ornamental flowering onion with unique features.

Characterized by its striking spherical flower heads, this Allium species boasts tightly packed clusters of star-shaped flowers that range in color from creamy white to light green. The individual florets form a dense umbel, and the entire flower head can measure up to 3 inches in diameter. The slender, arching stems rise gracefully above the basal foliage, which consists of long, linear leaves. Blooming in late spring to early summer, Allium nigrum adds both elegance and contrast to the garden. This perennial bulb is not only visually appealing but also attracts pollinators, making it a valuable addition to the landscape.

Botanical Name  Allium nigrum
Common Name  black garlic
Family  Amaryllidaceae
USDA Zone  4 thru 9
Light Requirement  full sun
Season(s) of interest  spring, summer
Height and Spread  1-2ft x 1-2ft (30-60cm x 30-60cm)
Flower Color  white, cream, light green
Attracts Wildlife  attracts pollinators, rarely browsed by mammalian herbivores
Additional Information  not native to the US Midwest. Native to the Middle East
Location in Lurie Garden  East Dark Plate, Northeast Dark Plate