What's New at the Garden

Grateful for Nature's Autumn Nourishment

Gardeners most often associate seeds with the next generation—the “fruits” of this year’s labor and the hope for next year’s plants. We carefully collect seed in the fall for winter storage and in early spring, as a ritual welcoming thoughts of warmer weather, begin to germinate seed in our basements, kitchen countertops, and windowsills. In spring it's time to transplant seedlings to the garden to begin the cycle again.<

Come early to Urban Wild!

Urban Wild is an event where we come together with a few of our favorite Chicago-based artisans to celebrate a great season for Lurie Garden and indulge in rewards of the fall garden. This year's event is on Thursday, October 22, 4:30pm-6:30pm. The Urban Wild tent will be located in the heart of Millennium Park, west of the Great Lawn.

Oh Honey

This year, with the Chicago Honey Co-op, we harvested over 70 pounds of honey from our hives. We may do a second harvest depending on the weather this fall. We always leave plenty of honey for our bees to eat over the long winter.

The Strangest Flower in the Garden

The most common visitor question in the garden right now is "What's that blue plant over there?" On this beautiful first day of the fall equinox, bottle gentian (Gentiana andrewsii), is bringing vibrant color to the autumn garden. This oddly shaped flower never opens, hence its moniker. This native flower co-evolved with pollinators that have wings that beat quickly enough to create vibration.

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