toad lily ‘Tojen’

Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’ is a member of the lily family (Liliaceae) is a hardy perennial plant for the Midwestern United States. Toad lily is well-known for its adaptability to colder weather, being able to cope with sudden late-season frosts and freezes without showing signs of serious damage.

Toad lily plants grow up to 3 ft. in height and colonies can reach 1.5-2 ft. wide. The creeping rhizome of toad lily grows best in medium-to-wet, well-drained soils that do not dry completely. Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’ is an ideal candidate to bring color and texture to partial-to-full shade areas of the garden. This toad lily has been bred to have smooth petals without the characteristic polka dots of the species.

From August to October, the white/white-pink 1-1.5 inch wide flowers of Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’ put on a beautiful floral display. Many people have referred to the flowers of toad lily as “orchid-like” for their coloration and presentation.

Lurie Garden has two toad lily, the other being Tricyrtis formosana¬†which has sweet freckles on its petals. Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’ is a particularly good addition for those wanting to bring new color and texture to shaded areas in the garden.

Botanical Name Tricyrtis ‘Tojen’
Common Name toad lily ‘Tojen’
Family Liliaceae
USDA Zone 5 thru 9
Light Requirement Part Shade to Full Shade
Season(s) of interest summer, fall
Height and Spread 1-2ft x 1-1.5ft (30-60cm x 30-45cm)
Flower Color White to Lavender
Attracts Wildlife  
Additional Information Not Native to the US Midwest. From parent species native to Japan, China, Phillipines and Taiwan
Location in Lurie Garden North Dark Plate, Southeast Dark Plate

Average Flowering Time