sweet gum

Liquidambar styraciflua (sweet gum) is a tree native to North America that can grow up to 120 feet tall. It has spikey 1 to 2 inch fruits that dry over the season and fall to the ground.

Depending on the variety L. styraciflua leaves turn red, purple, orange, and yellow in autumn. The trunk of this tree is typically very straight making it useful as lumber and predictable in a landscape setting.

Botanical Name Liquidambar styraciflua
Common Name sweet gum
Family Altingiaceae
USDA Zone 5 thru 9
Light Requirement Full Sun to Part Shade
Season(s) of interest all seasons
Height and Spread 60-80ft x 40-60ft (18-24m x 12-18m)
Flower Color Yellow
Attracts Wildlife Provides Food for Birds, Hosts Caterpillars of Butterflies/Moths,
Additional Information Native to US Midwest.
Location in Lurie Garden Southeast Dark Plate