moor grass ‘Transparent’

Molinia litoralis ‘Transparent’ or transparent moor grass. A Poaceae native to Europe and Asia, this mounding-type grass brings a playful, delicate vibe to the garden through its airy, stiff, see-through flowering stems that extent up to 6 ft. beyond the leaves. Arching leaves to 18 in. long are produced at the base of the plant where they form a dense tussock up to 2 ft. tall.

Molinia litoralis ‘Transparent’ is an easy to care for plant, requiring average to moist soils and full sun. Plants are tolerant of dry soils too. If you install transparent moor grass in your garden, do be aware that plants can take 2-3 years fully establish and flower. Planting in masses make for the best visual impact from transparent moor grass.

Molinia litoralis ‘Transparent’ brings a wonderful rich green to the spring and summer months, while in winter months bringing vibrant yellow and gold colors. Transparent moor grass makes a perfect four-season addition to any garden!

Botanical Name Molinia litoralis ‘Transparent’
Common Name moor grass ‘Transparent’
Family Poaceae
USDA Zone 4 thru 8
Light Requirement Full Sun to Part Shade
Season(s) of interest summer, fall, winter
Height and Spread 2-6ft x 2-3ft (60-180cm x 60-90cm)
Flower Color Minimal, Green to Purplish Brown
Attracts Wildlife Rarely Browsed by Mammalian Herbivores
Additional Information Not Native to the US Midwest. Cultivated form of a plant native to Europe/Asia.
Location in Lurie Garden North Dark Plate, Southwest Dark Plate

Average Flowering Time