Lurie Garden Welcomes the 2022 GGN Public Horticulture Apprentice

March 22, 2022 — Millennium Park Foundation is pleased to announce Casey Beidelman will join the staff of the Foundation as the 2022 Lurie Garden – GGN Public Horticulture Apprentice. Kathryn Deery, Head Horticulturist of Lurie Garden said, “We are thrilled to have someone with Casey’s passion for ecologically informed horticulture as this year’s Public Horticulture Apprentice. I know she will contribute tremendously to Lurie Garden as well as it’s community of volunteers and visitors.”

Thinking about her role as the Lurie Garden-GGN Public Horticulture Apprentice, Casey said “I am thrilled by the opportunity to work within the beautiful Lurie Garden community. I look forward to learning about the responsible horticulture practices and environmentally sustainable goals of this unique and biodiverse garden. Lurie Garden is a gem within Millennium Park and I hope my work this season can contribute to making the garden a peaceful and enriching experience for all visitors.”

The Lurie Garden-GGN Public Horticulture Apprentice program is now in its sixth year. This program provides hands-on public horticulture experience in one of the most visited public gardens. Donna LaPietra, the President & Chair of Millennium Park Foundation said, “We look forward to having Casey join us, bringing her already well developed knowledge of the region’s native species and her dedication to the critical importance of investing in natural green spaces. Through, the apprentice program the Foundation is committed to offering experiences that will help cultivate an even richer future of horticultural stewards.”

Casey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Sciences from Northwestern University. She previously worked with the Chicago Park District restoring a variety of habitats within the natural areas of six different parks.

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