Laura Ekasetya

Director and Head Horticulturist

As Director and Head Horticulturist of Lurie Garden, Laura has been responsible for guiding Lurie Garden as it matures – maintaining the vision of its designers while leading it into a new climate era. While the garden she has fostered for nearly a decade is ecologically-responsible by design, Laura has shifted the organization’s mindset from one of pure maintenance to one of constant improvement – challenging itself to maximize its usefulness to its wildlife and human community.

Laura has increased the gardens regionally native plants considerably, intentionally favoring those that support native and specialist insects. She works with Piet Oudolf to push the boundaries of the design experimenting with new ideas to preserve habitat for wildlife. 

Laura is an evangelist of the naturalistic movement. She speaks world-wide and is an important participant in the global initiative to change the way we think about gardens.

Office hours: Full Time

Laura Ekasetya -Lurie Garden Director and Head Horticulturist - 2020