Using the GrowIt! App to tour Lurie Garden

Lurie Garden is working with the GrowIt! to beta test a tour for those wanting to learn more about the plants in certain areas of the garden.

How it works: We have carved the garden into sections and have placed little bluetooth “beacons” in each area. As your phone nears each beacon you are invited to see the list of plants and their names in that area. Note: In order for the beacons to sense your phone is in the area, you must have the app downloaded to your phone and have enabled the app to temporarily access to your location.*

If you already have the GrowIt! Mobile App you may have already gotten an invitation to take the Lurie Garden tour or you can simply open the app when you’re in Lurie Garden. If you have not received an invitation, make sure the GrowIt! app has access to your location in your settings.

If you do not already have the GrowIt! Mobile App, download the app here at the Apple Store or here at the Google Play Store and follow these steps:

1.) Open the app. You will be immediately asked if you will allow “GrowIt!” to access your location, click Always Allow – *this will allow the beacons in each section of the garden to sense your phone is in range. (You can turn this feature off once you have left Lurie Garden.) (see fig. 1)

2.) You next will be asked if the GrowIt! app can send you notifications. Allow the app to send you notifications, this will allow you to be alerted when you’ve entered the segmented areas of Lurie Garden’s tour. (see fig. 2)

3.) Sign in with Facebook or create an account – (the only required fields are username, email & password)

4.) A location map will appear and will indicate you are in Millennium Park. Click Finish in the top right corner.

5.) A guide for the app will appear. You can click the X in the top right corner to go to the Lurie Garden tour option. (You will not need this guide in order to take the Lurie Garden tour.) (see fig. 5)

6.) On the next screen you will see an option to take the Lurie Garden Tour. Click on this option. (see fig. 6)

7.) A segmented map of the garden will appear, announcing which area of the garden you are in, highlighted in pink, inviting you to look at the plants that are in that area. When you are done looking through that plant list, go back to the segmented map by using the back button (<) in the top left corner. You can also select any area on the segmented map to look at the plants there. (see fig. 7)

7.) As you move to other segments the areas you have visited will be checked off.

8.) Use the X at the top corner to exit the tour.

You can find out more about the GrowIt! Mobile app on their website here.
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