Laura Ekasetya

Head Horticulturist

Laura has worked to maintain the integrity of Piet Oudolf’s planting design since she joined the garden in February of 2011. She came from Chicago Botanic Garden where she tended to perennials grown under research evaluation.

After attending the public opening of Millennium Park in 2004, she became a regular visitor to the garden. Watching the garden grow from little gallon sized plants into a rangy tapestry of color and texture has been a delight. Piet’s vision for planting design as presented in his books, visits to the garden, and his very active Instagram account, is a regular source of inspiration.

Laura enjoys stalking insects, birds, and other creatures that make the garden their home and finds any sort of faunal association with plants to be most intriguing. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and she studied horticulture at Harold Washington City College of Chicago.

She thinks people and plants make for a winning combination, as long as flowers stay in the garden beds and feet stay on the paths. When not engaging visitors and editing the plantings she enjoys hanging out with beekeepers, shopping at farmer’s markets, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. You can follower her on Instagram.

Office hours: Full Time, March – November